Bracing in Children Can Help Stop Scoliosis Progression Without Hindering Activities

The earlier we can detect scoliosis in children, the earlier we can begin to treat it and the better the results. One of San Diego Scoliosis Center’s innovative and highly effective treatment tools is the SpineCor scoliosis brace for children. Unlike the traditional rigid braces, the SpineCor brace allows for freedom of movement throughout the spine and the entire body. Children wearing the SpineCor brace are not only able to participate in regular activities, but we highly recommend it! Movement in children is particularly important because it enhances their proprioceptive development, allowing the nerves within ¬†their joints to relay the position of specific body parts to the brain.

SpineCor Brace for Children is Discreet, Adjustable, Allows Freedom of Movement

Bracing for children is not as cumbersome and potentially awkward as it used to be. The SpineCor brace is discreet and thin enough to fit underneath a child’s clothing, making it much more likely he or she will not protest. The flexible brace consists of a series of adjustable straps that fit snugly yet comfortably and can go virtually undetected by those unaware that the child is wearing the brace..

While the fit and look of the SpineCor brace is greatly superior to rigid braces, the most innovative improvement is how the brace works. Rather than keeping the spinal column immobile, the muscles along the spine are able to function freely in conjunction with the body. This constant movement acts as a series of spinal exercises that strengthen the muscles along the spine.
Bracing in children is particularly important due to growth spurts, which can result in a rapid increase in scoliotic curves. The sooner a child is outfitted with a supportive brace, the more effective our bracing treatments can be. The main goals of the SpineCor brace is to stop the progression of scoliosis’s spinal curvature and, in many cases, correct the spinal deformity. Correction or stabilization is possible with any degree of scoliosis.

The first step is for us to do an examination and evaluation of the child’s health history and severity of the scoliosis. We can then determine if bracing would be an effective option based on the child’s age, bone development and curvature progression. Even if we determine that the SpineCor brace is not the most effective option, our entire practice is based on guiding patients to the best possible treatment.

Thanks to our specialized knowledge in the field of scoliosis treatments, San Diego Scoliosis Center can provide non-surgical treatment options which research has shown to be superior to invasive surgery and rigid bracing. We encourage parents to give us a call or pay a visit to our clinic for more information on our SpineCor brace and find out if it may be right for their child.

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