Scoliosis Bracing for Adults Helps Alleviate Pain and Provide Ongoing Spinal Support

Our scoliosis specialists here at the San Diego Scoliosis Center offer new and innovative treatments for adults with scoliosis. The primary goals with SpineCor bracing in adults are to immediately improve posture, decrease or eliminate pain, and to stabilize the spine to prevent the scoliosis from progressing.

SpineCor Brace Allows for Freedom of Movement to Strengthen Back Muscles

The SpineCor brace is designed to support the spine and allow normal movement which keeps the muscles strong and, perhaps most importantly, alleviates the chronic pain that often comes with scoliosis. The brace allows for freedom of movement when participating in all activities from dancing to gardening to tennis. Such movement provides continuous strengthening of the muscles along the spinal column, which can result in a permanent restoration of proper posture and alleviation of pain.

The SpineCor brace is also practically invisible under the clothes. It consists of a series of flexible straps users adjust for a comfortable yet supportive fit. The flexible straps retain the spine’s proper alignment and gently guide the body back into it’s proper posture. As people move throughout the day, the brace is constantly guiding the spine into normal alignment through a series of correction and relaxation movements. It’s like doing specific physical therapy exercises thousands of times per day. The brace ensures patients automatically perform the exercises without even thinking about it.

The brace provides spinal offloading, which means the abnormal loads that were once forced onto the spine due to improper balance and posture can be alleviated. If abnormal loading of the spine continues, it can result in short-term and long-term detrimental effects. The short-term effects include excess pressure on the vertebrae, nerves, discs, muscles and other soft tissues resulting in pain and a loss of normal function. Long-term effects can include severe and painful issues such as disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, and nerve root irritation.
Although adult scoliosis is usually due to a progression of the childhood disease or degeneration due to an abnormal aging process, the SpineCor brace can still be a benefit to prevent further degeneration and, above all, alleviate constant pain.

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